NeoClock Twin DCF


Very accurate time precision
The radio transmitted  time information is received by the european reference atomic clock, which deviation is less than 1 second per 30 million years.

Double antenna system
The NeoClock is equipped with two independent and highly sensitive antennas to enable the best possible reception at any orientation to the transmitter.

Reliability of the time data
All the time data sent over by radio signal are fully validated before being published. These reviews include numerous coordination tests, the test of 6 parity bits , the comparison of successive transmissions and the temporal verification of all signals obtained .

Operating in many European countries
The use of the patented system allows the reception of the radio signal DCF77 in a radius of more than 1.000 kilometers around Frankfurt/Main in Germany .

Ease of Installation
Direct connection to the serial COM port of any compatible PC. 2 bi-color LEDs indicate the level of reception of radio signal and the functional status of the NeoClock .

No external power supply
The very low power consumption of the clock allows the direct power supply via the COM port.

Waterproof housing for industrial applications
The NeoClock is optionally available with a waterproof housing that allows outdoor installation and the installation in difficult conditions.

Available for Windows
NeoClock is available with a program for Windows Server 2003/2008 , Windows XP and Windows 7.

Detailed log file
All events are dated and stored in an internal log file : In addition, the data can be forwarded to a syslog server.


  • Reliable and inexpensive synchronization system
  • Double antenna system with high sensitivity
  • Elegant case for office communication or waterproof housing for installation in difficult environments
  • Requires no external power supply
  • Windows programs with NTP support
  • Synchronized the PC can be used as a time reference server (stratum 1)
  • Quick installation, communication and power supply via the COM port of the PC / server
  • Protection filters against over-voltage and industrial interference

Product inquiry

NeoClock Twin DCF

The radio-controlled NeoClock Twin DCF allows you to synchronize the date and time of a PC or server with the time information of the famous German atomic clock. Its system with 2 antennas allows optimum reveiving of the radio signal DCF77 sent for synchronizing clocks in Europe since 1983.

  • 2 antennas
  • Compact housing
  • Flexible installation
  • Radio signal DCF77