Input for PT100 temperature sensors


With this module PT100 temperature sensors can be easily integrated. The temperature range is determined on the PT100, in which the standardized nominal values ​​and tolerances are fixed.

Using the xBus port (RJ45) additional sensors and/or equipment may be cascaded. The ePowerSwitch 4M+, the ePowerSwitch 8M+ and VizioGuard Tiny support up to 4 xBus peripherals. With an ePowerSwitch 8XM and a VizioGuard system up to 32 analog interfaces can be realized.

The administrator is able to create rules for automated trigger actions and sending alerts if predefined tresholds are exceeded (based on the values of the analog input). These messages (syslog, SNMP traps, emails) can also be supplemented by the measured value of the probe.

The sensor with its digital xBus interface is designed for easy and fast installation in a 19″ rack. The mounting angle is rotatable by 90 degrees to ensure flexibility in mounting the device.

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Input for PT100 temperature sensors

The xBus interface offers an analog input for PT100 temperature sensors and can be connected to any ePowerSwitch Master or VizioGuard.

  • Cascadable up to 200 meter
  • Digital transmission
  • Incl. mounting plate for 19"
  • No external power supply
  • PT100 input
  • Standard RJ45 cable