Optical Smoke Detector


Instant connection
The optical smoke detector with integrated alarm signal is optionally supplied with a digital input module. A faster and easier connection to an ePowerSwitch Master is possible this way. The smoke detector can be connected directly to a VizioGuard. For optimum protection of the rooms, a placement at sensitive locations is sufficient. The smoke detector can be placed several times in a row.

Optical smoke detection
The optical smoke sensor detects smoke within a radius of about 7 meters below the detector. The integrated temperature sensor has a radius of 5 meters.


  • Requires no separate power supply.
  • 2.9 m connection cable included.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Optical detection, light scattering.
  • Sensor sensitivity: m = 0.11 0 0 13 dB / m conforming to EN 14 604
  • Heat detection: Class A2 recognition compliant according to EN 54-5
  • Temperature fire alarm : +60°C to +70°C
  • Siren volume : 85dB / m3


  • EN 14 604
  • A2 EN 54-5
  • EN 50130-4
  • EN 55022

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Optical Smoke Detector

An optical smoke detector with built-in temperature sensor. This EN14604 certified sensor can be connected directly to a VizioGuard system (optionally via the digital input module to an ePowerSwitch Master) .

  • Dry contact output
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Sabotage output (TMP)
  • Various alarm settings