Optical Liquid Detector


Instant connection
The optical liquid sensor is supplied with an optional digital input module. A faster and easier connection to an ePowerSwitch Master is possible this way. The device can be connected directly to a VizioGuard. For optimum protection of the rooms a placement at sensitive locations is sufficient.

Rapid detection of liquids
This detector uses an integrated phototransistor and a digital output, on which entering liquid is detected. The recognition is significantly faster through this method of detection and a near instant alarm condition is possible.

Advantages compared with cable sensors
The operation is derived from the principle of Total Internal Reflection (TIR) . An LED and a phototransistor are mounted in a plastic dome at the sensor head. Upon the occurrence of a liquid, the light from the LED is reflected back to the phototransistor. When the liquid enters at the dome, the refraction changes. A portion of the emitted light is refracted by the liquid and no longer reflected. The amount of light received by the photo transistor is reduced, and the alarm condition is triggered.

Protection against cable breakage
In the case of the sensor a pull-up resistor is integrated, which is responsible for monitoring the sensor cable. This additional feature can be enabled or disabled via an internal jumper .


  • Digital liquid detector with optical sensor.
  • Requires no calibration.
  • Separate power supply not required.
  • Electronic circuits encapsulated in a waterproof case.
  • Mounting plate stainless steel.
  • 2.9m connection cable.
  • Can be installed for space-constrained applications.
  • Quick and easy installation.

Product inquiry

Optical Liquid Detector

The optical liquid detector can be used to check for any liquid. Unlike conventional cable testers no conductivity of the liquid must be provided. He has a digital output with end-of-line termination option in order to constantly monitor the wiring between the sensor and the monitoring system. The sensor can be directly connected to a VizioGuard (optionally via the digital input module to an ePowerSwitch Master). The power is supplied via the dry contact terminal.

  • Cable break monitoring
  • Digital output
  • Optical digital sensor
  • Reproducible switching point
  • Waterproof housing