Magnetic Reed Contact


Effective protection for windows and doors
The magnetic reed contact secures doors and windows against burglary. Unauthorized opening is immediately recognized and an alarm condition triggered. The sensor consists of a reed switch and a magnet. These are mounted either in parallel or orthogonal to the front side at a distance of max. 13 mm apart. The circuit of the detector is closed at hibernation. If the distance between the reed and magnet contact changes, the circuit is interrupted and an alarm is triggered.

Mounting as required
Optimum installation is the middle of a door or window frame. Also, a fitting at the bottom of the window frame is possible when a particular window needs to be tilted in magnetic contact. The detector is suitable for surface as well as for flush mounting.

  • For the reliable backup of windows and doors (perimeter protection)
  • Magnetic contact suitable for surface and flush mounting
  • Opening detector consisting of magnetic contact and magnet
  • Incl. 2m cable (4-wire), surface housing, shims and screws
  • NC switch contact


  • Direct to the connection terminal of the expansion module 8XM or
  • in any place of the xBus interface when using an ePowerSwitch 4M+, 8M+, 8M+ /32, 8XM+/32 , or
  • a VizioGuard system or using the digital input module.


  • Contact 1 N/O
  • Power max.: 0.5 A
  • Voltage max.: 200V
  • Withstands high temperatures (up to 150°C)
  • For difficult conditions of use

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Magnetic Reed Contact

The magnetic reed contact can be directly connected to a VizioGuard (optionally via the digital input module to an ePowerSwitch Master). Its field of application is doors, windows and all structural elements, where opening conditions need to be monitored.

  • 4-wire cable (4m)
  • Reed contact sensor
  • Sabotage monitoring