Current Probe


The xBus current probe checks the current flow of power (A) from the connected IEC320 current output. The accumulated values ​​can be used for the monitoring, recording and planning of emergency actions.

Programmable measuring periods
The administrator can define any measurement periods for the connected power outlet.

Assigning names
A user-defined name (up to 32 characters) can be assigned to each xBus module using an ePowerSwitch or the VizioGuard. Each sensor is uniquely identifiable this way.

The analog measured values ​​can be displayed in a diagram and the time interval between two measurements is set flexible.

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Current Probe

The xBus current probe is placed between a power source and an electrical device. It examines the effective voltage (RMS) to the power outlet and is integrated by an ePowerSwitch Master or a VizioGuard. The data can be monitored and recorded. Triggering of an alarm condition occurs upon reaching a critical value. By cascading the current probes, the number of monitored power outlets can be increased.

  • Compact housing
  • Incl. mounting plate for 19"
  • Power supply monitoring
  • Standard RJ45 cable