ePowerSwitch 8M+/32


The ePowerSwitch 8M+ /32 offers through its integration abilities numerous applications – not only in the IT environment. A total 8 IEC320 power outlets are available which can be switched individually and as a group.

The unit offers 2 separate 16A current inputs, each supplying 4 power outlets separately. As example, servers can be optimally used with redundant power supply in this way. There is a total power of 7.000VA available.

The xBus connection port (standard RJ45) is available for extensions (ePowerSwitch 8XS, ePowerSwitch 1XS, sensors etc.). The system is extendable up to 36 IEC320 power outlets.

The master device offers an integrated webserver and provides a convenient configuration via web browser.

Rear connection features Front connection features
  • 2 IEC320 input 16A
  • 8 IEC320 outputs
  • Status-LED for all ports
  • RJ45 network connection
  • RS232 connection
  • xBus connection
  • MicroSD slot

Power Distribution

Each network switch can be switched on/off and restarted via IP or RS232 interface. This can be done by the web interface, a KVM switch, SNMP, or any serial interface. They can also be switched single or as individually created group of outlets – including connected expansion units. The sequential on and off switching of each outlet prevents resulting peak loads within the IT environment.

The power outlets are equipped with extremely robust HiAmp relay for high inrush currents. Individual delays (1-255 seconds when you next switch, 1-3600 seconds when restarting) can be configured for the switching process.


Device Monitoring
The ePowerSwitch 8M+ can monitor up to 40 IP addresses with ping or scan commands and send a message (SNMP trap, e-mail, syslog) in case of a crash automatically. If the monitored IP devices are powered by the ePowerSwitch they can be automatically restarted. The combination of the Neol ePowerSwitch and VizioGuard products are possible.

Through the two 16A current inputs the ePowerSwitch 8M+ /32 provides high reserves (more than 7.000VA) for connected high-performance systems. As a variant of the ePowerSwitch 8M+, the device offers a great scope as PDU and as a monitoring system for more demanding IT applications.

Environmental Monitoring
With the xBus interface on the front side of the device up to 4 sensors or detectors can be connected by standard CAT cable. The transmission of signals is fully digital and the maximum range is up to 200m. The use of an existing cable infrastructure is easily assured. The inputs can be used in definable rules to trigger automatically any appropriate emergency actions.

Sensors and detectors can be flexibly combined and placed at any desired location in the surveillance area. For example, the optimization of a larger demilitarized zone (eg. hotspots in the air-conditioned area) is possible with only a little effort.

A special function of the device provides an easy integration with your own programs to control the power outlets. With or without authentication, depending on your needs.


The management and control of the device using the integrated web server through the web browser is quite simple. Moreover, it is possible to send switching commands via a connected KVM switch or a terminal console.

All current ePowerSwitch devices use a nonce (cryptographic nonce) and a hash function for authentication so the access cannot be reconstructed or manipulated. To support fully encrypted transmission of data corresponding devices are available (eg. ePowerSwitch 8XM or VizioGuard).

User accounts
The administrator can create up to 40 user accounts with different rights via the web interface. Access to the webserver is protected by 32-character user names and passwords. In addition, up to 40 users may simultaneously access the ePowerSwitch and all connected xBus peripherals.

Grouping of power outlets
The grouping of power outlets allows a server with redundant power supplies or multiple devices to be turned on/off with a command sent through a web browser or by SNMP. With the ePowerSwitch 8M+ /32 it is possible to create any groups. Connected expansion devices (for example, the ePowerSwitch 8XS) are captured and managed too. The number of power outlets within the group is arbitrary.

Programmable rules
Up to 32 rules can be configured to monitor analog values and digital inputs. Pre-programmed actions will be triggered on alarm state which will switch eg. relay or sockets. Optional e-mails, SNMP traps or syslog messages can be sent.

Timer and scheduler
The device offers the possibility to automatically operate the power outlets by a timer and/or a scheduler function. Individual power outlets but also groups will be turned on/off at defined times. It is also possible to automatically send an e-mail, SNMP traps and syslog messages with the scheduler. By using an internet connection the option to trigger an action on remote ePowerSwitch devices is given.

Up to 32 characters long names can be set to all devices and sensors connected. This unique identification simplifies the programming of rules, groups and the associated actions.

Online help
An intuitive interface and context-sensitive online help allow administrators to quickly enable various and powerful features of the system. Detailed instructions and explanations are listed in the operating instructions.


  • 2 current inputs with 16A for high-performance systems
  • Remote control of 8 power outlets or defined outlet groups
  • Sequential switching for protection against overload
  • Arbitrary names for the ePowerSwitch, single power outlet, outlet groups or rules
  • Control and configuration via IP or RS232 port
  • Monitoring of up to 8 IP devices with automatic restart
  • Soft shutdown of a server via the RS232 serial port
  • Wake on LAN
  • 1 administrator account and 40 user accounts with competitive access
  • Easy and fast commissioning
  • Rackmount 19″
  • LEDs for status display Power supply, power and current outputs
  • Detailed log files
  • Online help
  • Firmware update via network
  • Slot for MicroSD card (up to 2GB) for storing the log files and the voltage readings, if enabled.
Technical data
Input 2 IEC320 EN60320 C20 (M) 16A
Nominal voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Max. current: 16A
Output 8 IEC320 EN60320 C13 (F)
Nominal voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Max. current/outlet: 10A
Network standards IEEE 802.3, 10/100 Mbit/s
Network protocols TCP/IP, HTTP
Network connection RJ45 for UTP CAT5
Max. network cable length 100 m
Terminal connection RS232, SUB-D 9 female
Connection bus RS485, RJ45
LED Power, Network, Socket
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Operating humidity 10% to 80%
Dimensions (W x H x D) 437 x 42 x 107
Weight 2 kg
Approvals CE, EN60950-1, EN55022, EN55024, RoHS
Guarantee 2 years repair/replace

Product inquiry

ePowerSwitch 8M+/32

The ePowerSwitch 8M+/32 has 2 current inputs, each with 16A and active voltage monitoring for the 8 power outlets. Moreover, the device is expandable up to 40 controllable power outlets. The configuration and setup are simple via a web interface.

  • 2 IEC320 inputs 16A
  • 8 IEC320 inputs
  • Cascadable Master device
  • Integrated webserver
  • xBus interface for sensors