ePowerSwitch Master

The ePowerSwitch Master features an integrated web server and allows remote control of up to 8 sockets by IP directly using a web browser. Through the xBus system – which is available on all devices – the device itself can be extended both in the number of controlled sockets as well as in the field of environmental monitoring.

ePowerSwitch Satellite

The ePowerSwitch Satellite series are expansion units for the Master system to increase the number of the managed sockets. The modular design of all Neol products enables almost unlimited cascading options, especially for large infrastructures such as a demilitarized zone (DMZ).

As a special feature the ePowerSwitch Satellite can be integrated directly to a KVM system using the RS232 port. The control takes place over the onscreen display (OSD) of a KVM switch directly.

ePowerSwitch Standalone

The ePowerSwitch Standalone series also feature an integrated web server and works completely autonomously. All features of the ePowerSwitch Masters are integrated here too. The Standalone devices are not cascadable and they got no direct connection possibilities for environmental monitoring. The units were designed for a selective use (ATMs, patch panels, servers and cabinets, etc.).