The ePowerSwitch allows the remote power switching of connected devices from any web browser, by RS232 or a KVM switch. With the integrated web server and the network port, the power states of connected devices are monitored and controlled from any distance.

But the ePowerSwitch is more than just a simple, remote-controlled “power strip”: he is a modular monitoring system in order to increase the security of your infrastructure and reduce unexpected downtimes. For example, the ePowerSwitch Master has an auto-reboot to automatically restart a device in case of failure. A rather high level of security is also achieved through a combination of sensors and detectors in the field of environmental monitoring.

The VizioGuard and VizioGuard Tiny are modular and scalable environment monitoring systems.

  • The VizioGuard supports SSL encryption and up to 255 external peripherals.
  • The VizioGuard Tiny supports up to 4 external peripherals.

Both devices are based on a flexible and scalable architecture. They support a variety of different sensors, detectors, dry contacts, and digital input/output modules. The fields of application aren’t limited to environmental monitoring – by using an additional ePowerSwitch connected devices are manageable too.

Numerous sensors, detectors and expansion modules complete the product range in the area of environmental and device monitoring. All devices are self-developed by Neol, which meet the highest technical requirements and standards.

Thanks to the xBus standard, the combination and expansion of sensors or detectors is guaranteed at all times.

The NeoClock is an ideal and economical solution to exactly synchronize network devices. The compact and installable time receiver allows the system clock synchronization of a PC or server by the time information of an atomic clock. The difference is +/- 1 second per 30 million years. NeoClock provides an independent and reliable time source for any single-user or network application. The installation takes only few minutes.

All ePowerSwitch and VizioGuard products are delivered with extensive accessories. For the various fields of application Neol offers appropriate additional solutions. The range of accessories offers cables, rack mounts, mounting brackets and many others. The mounting accessories uses the same high quality coating like the devices. Cables are selected from rock-solid manufacturers to guarantee a fail-safe operation.