Metered Power Management and Environmental Monitoring

Benefits of metered power control devices in mission-critical environments.

Whereas the average Power Control Units / Power Distribution Units are restricted to its main task, all ePowerSwitch master devices from Neol include an extensive and extensible monitoring system. These units can not only be used for manual or time-controlled power switching, but also as a complete environmental monitoring system.

The ePowerSwitch Master series provides modular and upgradeable architecture which allows creating a customized system fully adapted to the needs of your organization. A large range of detectors and Plug and Play sensors enables measuring of physical quantities.


Full modularity

The configuration and programming of the ePowerSwitch devices are made through a centralized and intuitive web interface. The administrator has the possibility to create up to 255 environmental rules used to monitor different environmental conditions. When thresholds are exceeded, Power Outlets and Relays can be controlled and alert messages like SNMP Traps, Emails or Syslog messages can be sent.

The intelligent sensors combine signal processing and digital data transfer in a compact housing and allows building a sure and precise monitoring system. The dual xBus interface enables a quick and easy connection using RJ45 standard cable over a length of up to 200 meters.

Comparsion Table

Power Outlets4888
Cascadable Power Outlets364040136
Peak up to 120AYesYesYesYes
Power Input1 x 10A2 x 10A2 x 16A2 x 16A
MeteredNoNoBoth Power InputsNo
Sensors / Peripherals444255
Secure access with digest authenticationYesYesYesYes + HTTPS

Did you know?

ePowerSwitch 8M+ /32, ePowerSwitch 8XS /32 and the xBus Current Probe also allows measuring and monitoring courant. They can be used to trigger emergency actions in case of a value exceeds some setpoint value. The data can be exported in CSV format for further processing in Excel or displayed graphically with zoom function within the Web interface.