Introducing the new ePowerSwitch 8XM+

The current ePowerSwitch 8XM will be replaced by its successor: the ePowerSwitch 8XM+.

 It takes advantage of newer technology which enables increased speed, power and more flexibility.

Neol combined several customer needs into one device and delivers once more a leading Power Distribution Unit with the ability to monitor “everything”. There are several modifications made to the ePowerSwitch 8XM+:

  • New highspeed RISC Processor for fast HTTPS communication
  • Integrated dry contacts instead of external IO board
  • Dual xBus Interface to enable bus and star topology
  • Removable SD Card for storing logs, actions and events
  • Dual 16A Power Inputs for a total load up to 7.360 kVA
  • Up to 255 Rules for automated triggering of emergency actions
  • Scripting capabilities to combine different rules into sets
  • User-friendly GUI for quick and easy configuration
  • Firmware updates via network

Three removable terminal blocks on the front panel provides access to 8 inputs and 4 digital outputs and allows quick and easy wiring of door contacts as well as smoke, movement and water detectors.

Furthermore, the double xBus interface on the front panel allows to connect up to 255 xBus devices xBus as digital input/output modules, power switches, current sensors, proximity and movement sensors as well as interfaces for PT100, 0-10V and 4 to 20 mA. Of course, this system still supports up to 255 new rules to build a high-level monitoring system tailored to your needs.

The ePowerSwitch 8XM+ is capable of switching high-current over IP. Any three-phase power supply (Power Contactor/Schütz) can be triggered so you gain full control and safety over your machinery.

More information

A distribution package is available to our partners within the download area.

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