Energy for Austria

On a week-long tour across Austria Neol visited numerous merchants in the IT sector introducing the ePowerSwitch products.

Austria is a popular destination not only for hikers, skiers and mountain lovers. Late fall cattle from the mountain pastures is moved down into the valley because pasture time is over so the huts of the herdsmen can be winterized until next spring. Although the picturesque landscape invites you to linger, Neol visited on a week-long tour several merchants from the IT sector to present the ePowerSwitch and VizioGuard products.

Main focus and interest of the companies were the monitoring capabilities of the individual devices and the modularity in particular. The simple expansion and extension opportunities over the xBus port and the option being able to integrate a sensor or detector for monitoring environmental conditions at any time convinced the interested parties.

The Neol products can be purchased immediately from the following companies:


We’re looking forward into the business relationships with our new partners, which are now available for further inquiries and orders in Austria.

Detailed contact information can be viewed on our distributors page.