Founded 1982 in Strasbourg

For more than 30 years Neol S.A.S. developed professional IT equipments and has established itself as a leader in the field of power distribution units. Special attention is given to the consistent development in close cooperation with the requirements of our customers and distributors. 

Our Products

All products are designed and manufactured in France. The European and international standards are strictly adhered to compliant and finished off with a 2-year warranty. Through many years of experience in products development and by the individual demands of customers needs numerous advantages compared to the competitors’ products were developed. Today the devices from the ePowerSwitch and VizioGuard series are counted as one of the most reliable products in the areas of power distribution and environmental monitoring worldwide.

Full compatibility

All products from Neol S.A.S. are compatible with each other. In this way, a maximum modularity is ensured. Existing systems can always be extended and adapted to the growing demands of the IT sector.

Moreover, our products have an own xBus port integrated to connect devices and sensors by an existing infrastructure (standard CAT cable). There is no need to have a separate cabling.

Our Values

  • Permanent technological innovation
  • Highest level of product quality
  • Continuous analysis of requirements
  • Customer satisfaction by service quality

Product competence

The ePowerSwitch is a powerful Power Distribution Unit for numerous application scenarios. The devices of the master line feature an integrated web server to manage the power switch and the configuration centrally. The devices from the Satellite line are primarily used as cascading units. They are frequently used in the field of KVM switches as independent devices.

Master and Satellite devices are extensible in the range of environmental monitoring – anytime, anywhere.

For independent or smaller infrastructures, the standalone line offers all possibilities for managing and monitoring connected devices. The environmental monitoring is not provided here.

The two devices VizioGuard and VizioGuard Tiny are designed for environmental monitoring. Both hold the digital xBus system and a connection terminal with dry contacts for adding analog sensors or detectors. Extensive monitoring scenarios in all dimensions can be realized with those products.

Thanks to the full compatibility of the products, an ePowerSwitch can be integrated into the system so monitoring and switching of terminals is ensured nevertheless .

For virtually any ambient condition sensors, detectors and expansion modules are available. Temperature, humidity, ambient light, liquids, door and window contacts, smoke detectors and many others, provide a comprehensive control of the environment within any infrastructure. And for individual sensors expansion and connectivity modules are available.

The majority of sensors has an xBus connection so they can be connected by standard CAT cable to any product of Neol. A star topology is made possible through the flexible xBus Extender and more power for additional sensors is provided by the xBus power supply.

The NeoClock is used as a standalone product for measuring time. Connected to a server, the synchronization of all computers on the basis of up to four different times signals are possible within the company. An outdoor installation is required only in the rarest of cases, since the system has a powerful dual antenna system.

Neol has become the first company worldwide presenting a radio clock, which receives all 4 radio signals simultaneously.